You can place your order comfortably and safely directly in our online shop. Of course you can also order by phone at our customer service under +44 20 39 663 003.

If you are not yet familiar with online shopping, please read the following step-by-step instructions.

1st shopping cart: First select the desired items in our online shop and add them to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to shopping cart" button. Then you have the possibility to continue shopping by clicking on "Continue Shopping" or by clicking on "Add to Shopping Cart" to view your shopping cart and edit it as you like - change quantities, add items, remove etc. When you have finished your shopping cart and want to proceed to the next step of your order, click on "Checkout".

2nd address: After you have clicked on the button "Checkout", your customer data and address data will be requested here. The entire ordering process is carried out using secure SSL encryption.

- Option 1 - Order for existing customers
If you are already a customer, you can log in with your email address and password and save yourself the trouble of entering your address information. If you no longer have your access data, you can use the "
Forgot password" function to recover them.

- Option 2 - Order for new customers
You can select the option "Do not create a customer account" when you query the billing address by leaving the corresponding box empty (default). If you choose this option, you will need to assign a password. This password and your email address will automatically create a account and you will be able to easily log in for future orders without having to enter your address information. In addition, you benefit from the possibility to manage your address data (several billing addresses and delivery addresses), view and process your orders, discount promotions and much more.

- Option 3 - Order for new customers without a customer account
As with option 2, you can also place an order without registering a customer account by selecting the option "Do not create a customer account" by ticking the box.

By clicking on the checkbox "Send to different delivery address" you can specify a separate delivery address to send your order to your office, for example.

After you have entered your data or the billing address and, if necessary, a different delivery address, the order process is continued by clicking on the "Next" button. If you can't get any further at this point, please note the error messages and notes. Possibly your data are not complete or similar. In case of problems please
contact our customer service.

3rd payment method: In this step you can select the desired payment method and the shipping method. Only the available payment methods and shipping methods are displayed. These depend on your delivery address (destination country) and, in the case of the shipping method, on your payment method.
After selecting the payment and shipping method, click "Next".

4th confirm: Here you will find a summary of your order: the items you selected, the billing address, the delivery address, the payment method and the shipping method selected. You can make changes here again.

If everything is correct from your point of view, you can complete the order by simply clicking on "Order now" and receive it within the next 3-5 working days. After completing the order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation by e-mail.